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HIPERION consortium at the General Assembly and Review meeting in Łódź, 18-19 May 2022


HIPERION Newsletter n°5 - June 2022 released

HIPERION is pleased to release the public project newsletter n°5. Click here to view it. In this fifth issue you will find contributions about: Editorial note by the Project Coordinator, Jacques Levrat (CSEM).The unveiling of HIPERION second generation (GEN2) module and large scale produc...

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The first full GEN2 module produced and assembly of large batches launched

While the HIPERION second generation module (GEN2) design inherits a lot from its predecessors GEN0 and GEN1, the number 2 is fully deserved as it is a substantial improvement in terms of reliability, ease of manufacturing, performance, and cost. All requested improvements have been properly ...

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Mette Lindblad, graphic designer and breathwork guide


HIPERION video interview #20

"The sun is our source of energy where everything starts so that all living beings need energy from the sun. The sun is everything. "Mette Lindblad, graphic designer and breathwork guide.

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