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Figure left: HIPERION consortium partners at Mondragon Assembly’s facility, watching the top glass assembly machine in action.


The HIPERION consortium gets together for the General Assembly meeting in Mondragón, Spain

The HIPERION consortium partners had finally the chance to gather for the 2-day M26 General Assembly meeting, on 20th – 21St October 2021, in Mondragon, in the Spanish Basque Country. The meeting was kindly hosted by partner Mondragon Assembly, whose premises are located there. The first...

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Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse


HIPERION video interview #13

"I place a lot of hope in technology for the problems it will solve and maybe a little less in the interests behind it. The question is, will we manage to make access to energy a universal right?" Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse, answers to a few key questions related to energy transition and ...

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The HIPERION project in 1 minute


The HIPERION project in 1 minute

What is the purpose of HIPERION? What is the technology we are developing? Discover our project in 1 minute! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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