Hybrid photovoltaics for efficiency record using integrated optical technology

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Innovative technology

The core of HIPERION project is a disruptive solar photovoltaic (PV) module technology, based on the planar optical micro-tracking, which concentrates sunlight on multi-junction solar cells on top of a conventional silicon backplane, integrated within a static frame.



This innovative module architecture achieves more than 30% efficiency under direct sunlight, while still harvesting diffuse sunlight with its underlying PV backplane.


More Energy

Compatible with any type of installation from rooftop to ground-mounted trackers, the solution produces up to 50% more energy than conventional c-Si modules with the same form-factor.

Hiperion Objectives

  • Bring to industry highly efficient hybrid solar modules which combine PV and CPV technologies.
  • Deliver unique and highly efficient solar modules capable of providing real-time record of energy generation per m2, between 50% and 80% depending on weather conditions.
  • Perform technical and economical assessments at several commercial pilot sites across Europe.
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Hiperion Impacts

Innovative Production Process

Trigger new investments in the EU PV industry via the establishment of a pilot line which targets an innovative production process

Equiment Development for PV Technologies

Trigger new investments in the EU PV industry via tailored development of equipment for mainstream power PV technologies

Performance & Cost Competitiveness

Achieve a final product with performance and cost competitiveness

Regain Market Shares

Regain market shares against mainstream PV panels

Secure & Sustainable Supply Chains

Create more secure and sustainable supply chains for the EU PV market

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Hiperion Consortium

In the HIPERION consortium, coordinated by CSEM, 15 partners from 10 European countries represent the complete photovoltaic value chain and production line:

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