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Feedback from the HIPERION Final Review meeting

HIPERION General Assembly and Final Review meeting

The final act of the HIPERION project was played on 17-18 October 2023 in Linkebeek (Brussels) at ENGIE Laborelec premises, with the HIPERION General Assembly and Final Review meetings.

The Final Review meeting was held on Wednesday 18 October 2023. The EC Project Officer, Maider Machado, accompanied by two peers Clara Astudillo and Pablo Vicente, assessed the project achievements and outcomes.

The HIPERION partners transparently presented the achievements in each work package. Although the final HIPERION hybrid photovoltaic (PV) panel does not meet the expected field performances, the partners highlighted the positive outcomes of the project, such as the development of individual photovoltaic technology bricks, the acquisition of key capabilities on industrial processes transferable to other fields, the progress on standardization, and above all, the solid establishment of the HIPERION technology leader Insolight in the PV market with a side product, which would not have been feasible without the HIPERION project. In addition, HIPERION led to the following major breakthroughs:

  • Demonstrated efficiency of 30% (indoor), setting the actual world record for flat panels.
  • Developed dedicated tooling to automate all the critical manufacturing steps, including high accuracy optical layer assembly.
  • Deployed and monitored entire arrays of modules over 5 pilot installations throughout the world.

Considered the above, the review outcome was positive, both with respect to the scientific and technical work performed, as well as with respect to management, communication, dissemination, exploitation activities.

During the event, consortium partners and EC representatives visited ENGIE Laborelec installations, including the HIPERION pilot site and Insolight’s AgriPV test installation.

We whish to thank all HIPERION partners for the outstanding collaboration despite the unexpected challenges, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, all followers for their interest and support in this great adventure.

For any information regarding the project, please contact HIPERION Project Coordinator at contact@hiperion-project.eu.

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