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Outstanding success of the HIPERION Open Day & visit of the pilot production line


The HIPERION Open Day and official inauguration of the pilot production line, organised by CSEM on 22 June 2023 at the Innoparc technology park in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, was a great achievement.

Visitors were invited to discover the HIPERION groundbreaking innovative photovoltaic technology behind the HIPERION project, as well as the revolutionary pilot production line, with its four unique custom machines capable of manufacturing that specific range of photovoltaic panels.

Different audience groups attended the event, including experts in the PV sector, the general public and representatives from seven different media.

The event was a success, filled with deep insights, engaging discussions, and promising networking sessions. CSEM, as the HIPERION project coordinator, and the HIPERION consortium partners are grateful to have shared this moment with partners, colleagues and press representatives who joined for this occasion.

Watch the video produced by Compaz showing CSEM team operating the different machines of the HIPERION pilot line: https://hiperion-project.eu/hiperion-revolutionary-photovoltaic-pilote-production-line/

Furthermore, coverage by press representative was massive for this event. Below you will find the links towards several media reports and interviews on radio, tv, and press:

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