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HIPERION video interview #17

"No matter who you are, no matter where you are, I want to tell you just one thing. Take care of everyone who is around you the way you want to take care of yourself!"Antonina Dudina, Hospitality Management's student

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HIPERION video interview #16

"For me, energy is a fundamentally important element for us to simply move forward and develop a more sustainable society than what we have done so far. And I think we have good reasons to do so, because we have the knowledge, we have the technology and this is very important to us." Romeo A. T...

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Rickard Nygren, Architect


HIPERION video interview #15

"As an architect, I want to try my best to save this planet. But things are complicated, building are complicated and how things work together in our ecosystems are really, really complicated. So we should cooperate in order to find the best solutions together." Rickard Nygren, Architect

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