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Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse


HIPERION video interview #13

"I place a lot of hope in technology for the problems it will solve and maybe a little less in the interests behind it. The question is, will we manage to make access to energy a universal right?" Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse, answers to a few key questions related to energy transition and ...

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The HIPERION project in 1 minute

What is the purpose of HIPERION? What is the technology we are developing? Discover our project in 1 minute! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Gianluca Solimine, Project coordinator in territory sustainable development


HIPERION video interview #12

"I think solar energy can arise from the moment when there is information and from this information a sensitivity can arise, on the political, industrial, and social level. So building this intention through information awareness campaigns could bring to light certain social and environmental pr...

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