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Pietro Falce, mediator, coach, and Cultural Manager,


HIPERION video interview #8

What does the energy transition mean? To Pietro Falce, mediator, coach, and Cultural Manager, research related to renewable energies must be accompanied by a change of our approach to consumption if we want to concretely reduce our ecological footprint.

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Dominique Bourg


HIPERION video interview #7

Dominique Bourg, Philosopher and Professor at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) proposes a holistic and inspiring reflection on the development of renewable energy, which he sees as the key element of both energy transition but also the basis of a renewed societal project.

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Rose Tam


HIPERION video interview #6

Energy is smile, light and hope! In the sixth issue of the HIPERION "Watt if" video series, the floor is given to Rose TAM, Founder of the NGO Reso Collect, engaged for the defense of women and local agriculture in Cameroon. She gives her view on the importance of implementing solar energy, espe...

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