Unveiling of HIPERION GEN2 module and large scale production

HIPERION Project Newsletter n°5 / June 2022

HIPERION GEN2 module assembled

Based on the learnings of the first module generation prototypes GEN0 and GEN1, the second generation module (GEN2) design was achieved. Substantial improvements have been made in the GEN2 in terms of reliability, ease of manufacturing, performance, and cost. As such, after several testings on pathfinder modules, the first GEN2 module was built in December 2021.

In view of large scale assembly of the modules, all production steps have been defined by the closely involved partners, i.e., Mondragon Assembly, Insolight and CSEM.

Already 35 GEN2 modules have been manufactured and sent to consortium partners UPM and Fraunhofer ISE pilot sites for further monitoring and testing. The target is to produce 70 m2 of GEN2 modules by August 2022.

Then, the modules will be the deployed for monitoring in the various selected commercial pilot sites located in Portugal, Chile and Switzerland, set up by HIPERION consortium partners, respectively MUON, ENGIE-Laborelec and 3S, and validated by Insolight.

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