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The first full GEN2 module produced and assembly of large batches launched


While the HIPERION second generation module (GEN2) design inherits a lot from its predecessors GEN0 and GEN1, the number 2 is fully deserved as it is a substantial improvement in terms of reliability, ease of manufacturing, performance, and cost.

All requested improvements have been properly implemented and have undergone testing on pathfinder modules. The first GEN2 module has been built in December of 2021 and the first larger batches have been produced over the first trimester of 2022, whereas the assembly will be continued over the next months.

The next step will be the monitoring of the modules in the various selected commercial pilot sites located in Portugal, Chile and Switzerland.

Pictures: Top left: HIPERION GEN2 module at CSEM. Bottom left: HIPERION GEN2 module viewed from below: silicon backplane, guiding elements and actuators. Bottom right: Focus on HIPERION GEN2 top-glass lenses.

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