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Open Day to HIPERION pilot demonstration site at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Open Day to HIPERION pilot demonstration site at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

As part of the planned dissemination activities of the HIPERION project, on the 17th November 2022 HIPERION consortium partner Universidad Politécnica de Madrid organised an Open Day to HIPERION pilot demonstration site located at their premises in Madrid, Spain. The visits were part  of the larger public event « Madrid Science Week », an initiative of the Regional Government of Madrid to open research and higher education infrastructures to the civil society.

Registrations were open to anyone through a dedicated web platform without any fees.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid received the visit of 65 people, who were divided in 4 groups. The majority of attendants were university students, but there were also citizens interested in the HIPERION technology.

Each visit lasted around 1 hour. Following activities were organised by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid:

• A few presentations were given to show the HIPERION hybrid module characteristics and potential;

• Indoor demonstrations were held to show the performance of the embedded tracker;

• A visit was organised to the rooftop of the Instituto de Energía Solar at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, to showcase a couple of modules that are currently being installed in a 2-axis tracking as part of the round-robin implemented in the HIPERION project, as well as the pilots with modules installed in the fixed structure.

Stay tuned to be informed of the upcoming dissemination and training activities that will be organised as part of the HIPERION project!

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