Towards HIPERION GEN2 modules production

HIPERION Project Newsletter n°4

Figure 1 : Monolithic backplane for GEN2.

Building on all the learnings of the HIPERION first generation (GEN1) modules, which were deployed on several pilot installations at the premises of consortium partners UPM, in Madrid, and Fraunhofer, in Freiburg, and extensively characterized, the HIPERION second generation modules (GEN2) were developed.

The GEN2 module represents a major upgrade in several ways:  the transmission of the optical layer is increased, the sun tracking range is extended and reliability improved. GEN2 is ready for production, and HIPERION partners are looking forward to building these modules that will achieve 30% of efficiency for rooftop installations.

Follow the HIPERION project website and LinkedIn page to stay tuned about the next developments and achievements towards the HIPERION GEN2 modules production!

Figure left: Monolithic backplane for GEN2.


Figure 2 : HIPERION GEN2 top glass.
Figure 2 : HIPERION GEN2 top glass.

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