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Rickard Nygren, Architect


HIPERION video interview #15

"As an architect, I want to try my best to save this planet. But things are complicated, building are complicated and how things work together in our ecosystems are really, really complicated. So we should cooperate in order to find the best solutions together." Rickard Nygren, Architect

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Karin Sundby, Entrepreneur, public speaker, consultant & planetary steward


HIPERION video interview #14

"I believe that everyone needs a vision to be able to do everything we can today to speed up this transition and take us to the future where we want to be."Karin Sundby, Entrepreneur, public speaker, consultant & planetary steward.

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Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse


HIPERION video interview #13

"I place a lot of hope in technology for the problems it will solve and maybe a little less in the interests behind it. The question is, will we manage to make access to energy a universal right?" Philippe Pythoud, emergency nurse, answers to a few key questions related to energy transition and ...

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