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HIPERION article on innovative photovoltaic technology published in the Progress in Photovoltaics journal

HIPERION consortium partners from Insolight, CSEM and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid published an open access article in the Progress in Photovoltaics journal about the innovative photovoltaic technology developed within the HIPERION project.

A hybrid micro‐concentrator module that allows installation in static frames and can harvest direct, diffuse, and albedo light. A first architecture is explored where the backplane is covered with monofacial or bifacial Si cells that can boost energy yield by about 30% in the best scenario. Then, a translucent architecture where diffuse light is transmitted through the module for dual land‐use applications, such as integration in greenhouses for agriculture‐integrated PV (agrivoltaics). This architecture can provide up to 47% excess electricity compared to a spaced reference Si array that transmits the same amount of solar photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) for crop production.

The article is available for download on the HIPERION website page Publications and also on the Progress in Photovoltaics webpage.

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